Extraordinary Eye Makeup Trends You Should Give a Try in Spring/Summer 2018

2018 eye makeup trends do not always look normal according to some people. Moreover, many of those eye makeups may be considered not to be usable in daily life unless there is a quite high level of confidence available or when the makeups are used on runways. However… agree with https://us.damaraji.com/, it cannot be denied that the distinct eye makeup trends 2018 are very extraordinary and that is the reason why we should know about those further. The examples are about to be shared to you in the following.

Exaggerated Eyelash Makeup with Doll LookThe first example of 2018 eye makeup trends is very suitable to be called as something uniquely exaggerated. The trend meant here is none other but the doll look eye makeup which main features can be seen mostly in the upper and lower eyelashes. This eye makeup is very specific actually and in order to make it visible quite the most, it can be said to be more suitable to use on brighter skin instead of darker skin. Other thing you need to know is that this eye makeup is also very suitable to be paired with barely-there makeup style which makes everyone wearing the style looks like she does not wear any makeup.

Tropical Eye Makeup of the 70s
The next example of eye makeup trend that is already known to be popular in 2018 is the tropical eye makeup. This trend was actually very popular in the 70s and now it becomes popular again. The most interesting part of this trend is located in the use of more than just one tropical trend on eyelids. This interesting part actually also makes the trend to be suitable to call as the colorful or even rainbow makeup trend. This choice is really suitable for you who want to try showing of the exotic part of you in your appearance.

Bold Eyebrows Look
The last but not least example of 2018 eye makeup trends is the bold eyebrows look. The main part of the eye makeup mentioned here is not about how to color the brows boldly. The most important feature is as a matter of fact the real bold eyebrows. If you want to look fabulous in 2018, stop plugging out your brows and let it grow naturally. You only need to shape and groom it a bit and add a bit of color if the density is not that good.