How to Upload Video to Twitter Legally

How to Upload Video to Twitter

Don’t be surprised when you notice that many people want to know how to upload video to twitter. Since twitter is famous for its limited characters for the tweets, video is the new muse. Many users are eager to share some funny videos and they have to stop because the ways are yet to be explained.

How to Upload Video To Twitter

If you wish to upload picture, the suitable partner would be TwitPic. How to upload video to twitter, on the other hand, requires simpler steps. You just have to visit online steps while logging in to your Twitter account. No need to download applications or install new extension. Moreover, it is free!

How to Upload Video to Twitter

  1. TwitVid

It is the brother of TwitPic. Thus, the fact that this site almost reaches similar popularity should not be surprising. You could upload the video via website. You just need to log in, without making a new account. The user name and password is your Twitter’s. As long as your video is under 1GB or less than 20 minutes, you can upload it in an instant. Describe a little about your video and hit the tweet button.

  1. Twiddeo

Don’t be too shocked when you see the front page. It may not be as appealing as you hope it to be, but the function is good enough. There are three options to share your videos: via website, email, or live webcam. Again, you just have to log into the site, choose the video and write several words about it.

One reason why people prefer Twiddeo is the direct access to play the video like shown in Techno 9 in the Twitter page. This script is working for Firefox browser only.

  1. Twitc

Uploading pictures and videos separately from different sites might bother you. However, there is one site that could help you with these two functions; Twitc. In fact, you could share many files at the same time. The sources are not your computer only. Online video site video can be shared, too.

Visit the site and make your new account. Log in and find the option to upload your files. When the photos and videos have been uploaded, you need to make a folder before uploading it to your Twitter page.

Be a part of the trending videos in twitter. Not as the viewer, but you could upload your own videos and share it on your twitter account. Go to the destined sites and wait patiently while the video is being uploaded. Isn’t that a simple answer about how to upload video to twitter?