Things to Know Before Travelling to Kyoto Japan

Kyoto was Japan’s capital for more than 1,000 years.It still has the historical and cultural remains, the evidence that it was a great city of the world. For the greatness of the city, travelers should at least visit it once in life. If you have had the plan, some tips below can be helpful.

Take a Bus Pass

The small city of Kyoto has a great public transportation system. It eases travelers to get around the city to explore the essential sites. It is much recommended to take Kyoto City bus pass that will bring you traveling around the city. The bus will become the most convenient transport with reasonable price. You can buy the pass at the tourist information centers in bus stations or subways. Even the tickets can be easily gotten aboard the bus.

Plan the Itinerary

It is important to plan the itinerary before traveling. It will make the trip more enjoyable and satisfying because you have effectively planned the places to visit and time to spend in each destination. Use the tool like Google Maps to plan the route and find to know which transportation to take.

See the Free Attractions

There are many temples and shrines that can be visited and entered for free during your trip to Kyoto, including the Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine, Kyoto Imperial Palace, Yasaka Shrine, Ninna-ji Temple, and Jingu Shrine. There are also some museums that can be visited during your visits to the temples. Besides that, you can do shopping in Osaka Japan because you can find the cheap shopping center there.

Prepare Many Coins with Holes in the Middle

The coin with the hole in the middle is the five yen coin that is needed to put inside the prayer box when you visit temples and shrines in Japan. It is a symbol of Good Luck and hopefully can bring you to get the good fortune in everything. So, preparing many of the coins in advance will be helpful.

Wear Comfortable Footwear to Walk a Lot

You need much walking as long as you travel to Kyoto. The city with so many temples, shrines, traditional gardens and historic streets should be explored by much walking. It will also be so much fun when you can explore all of the unique features, such as crossing the footbridges, walking on the side streets, etc.