Type of housing country

The country type of housing is the style that reflects the country or rural atmosphere. Remember “atmosphere”, so how you create the country atmosphere inside and outside the house. The country type of housing is bringing the nature inside the house to make the people inside feeling like in a country. It was start from the air circulation, the materials or the lighting itself. You will be feeling homey in the country type of housing. You can create the country atmosphere to the design, the interior and the environment such as garden or anything.

The country type of housing has open space. It means that the rooms inside the house will not be separated and most are have been unite. The separated tools like wall is not need in this type of housing. The exterior view of the country type of housing is wider. The terrace in front of the house might be so huge or the back terrace. It also has furniture for refreshing. In the other side, the interior have big space as we mentioned that its open space. transparant also one of the option for the interior design which is to make the house look bigger. As to create the country atmosphere, the air circulation is an important point for this type of housing.



The materials for country type of housing are natural materials as to create the atmosphere. If you are inside the country house, then you will see the dominations of natural materials. Such as wood and some Varian of stone, but that’s will be managed properly. From the outside, you will see the natural stone will full or a half coverage the house. If it is not stone, then it would be wood. As the decorations, the wood materials will be followed with the plants. The colors for country style are also nature colors such as yellow brown.