What Is Cockroach Remote Control?

Root Remote Control – Cockroaches may be an unpleasant animal, but he is an impressive creature and we can learn a lot from him. Scientists love cockroaches because they are considered appropriate for experiments. The brain’s neural cells are very similar to human nerve cells and they can also suffer from human-like tumors. Therefore, scientists use cockroaches to study cancer, heart disease, and even the work system in the brain.

In an interesting study, scientists at the University of Tokyo have found that they can pull out the cock wing, by inserting a small electric current conductor electrode to its tentacle, then using it to ‘control’ the cockroaches to keep walking, stopping, or turning left and right using remote control of the remote control device. For the electrical source of the electrode, in this baby cockroach also fitted a small backpack containing the battery.

This experiment sounds trivial, but its application proved to be very useful. Scientists are looking for opportunities to utilize these remote control roaches in disaster relief efforts. With a small camera on its back, cockroaches can be very useful for exploring collapsed buildings and other harmful impenetrable locations.

It’s not just the cockroaches who are these experimental animals. In recent years, scientists have conducted similar tests on mice and remote control sharks. Theoretically, such remote control animals can be used in many ways: military reconnaissance, mine clearing, or mapping of underground areas. Compared to robots, the superiority of these animals is considered to have solved simple problems, such as walking, turning, climbing, and avoiding obstacles that are actually difficult robots do, at least to this day.